Love Poems

In commemoration of Valentine’s Day, which is coming up:


Because of You

Joy and love have filled my heart

I know I’m weak, but I have a start

I can dance as long as you’re by my side

When you smile I swear I can fly,

My life is dark

But I’ve made my mark

And now I can reach for the light

You have given me sight

And now, because of you, I can fly



I live in a darkened night

My own heart blackened my sight

No way out of this nightmare

No way could this be fair

My own mind full of dark life

Always coming into strife

I saw them, living so well

With jealously my heart did swell

Yet you extended your hand

Led me from drowning in the sand

My own life you gave to me

Strong once again, I was free

My envy not all gone,

Even after you came along

But I had a start to becoming fine

and now I can go back to the starting line

And try once again

Even if I don’t know how this story ends

Evening Smith

Here’s a little poem I came up with at the competition last night. It was inspired by my friend giving me one of her bottles of soda that were marked E. Smith for her name, and I joked around that I was secretly her sister Evening Smith.

“I am the Evening Smith,
From the last rays of sun I paint the sky,
And when the paint fades,
from the dust that remains I make night
and light the sky
With silver stars”

Another poem

I need some food to feed my hunger,

I need some water to quench my thirst,

I am weary from my travels,

yet I still stand here, waiting

Now for a poem

My life is so full of intresting exiting things

yet somehow choose to wste my time

and say this world is boring,

Its’ not is world’s falt

that I won’t use my time

ans talents for good!.