I’m not much of a wander. I like Ohio. I like my home in Ohio. Why would I leave? Well, apparently to visit relatives in Canada.

I brought Sprinkles and Cupcake with me. Sprinkles at least is much more adventurous than me. Though, being small as she is; my house is like a town to her. Cupcake’s happy as long as he’s with her.IMG_20170615_0943349_rewind

Still, they were pretty lazy in the car going up. Good thing too; we wouldn’t have room for them to be rowdy.IMG_20170614_0804537_rewind

It was a pretty rainy journey up.IMG_20170615_0944067_rewind

Though it had its moments of sunshine.IMG_20170619_0825457_rewindIMG_20170622_1056454_rewindIMG_20170616_1209247_rewind


Sprinkles and Cupcake really liked my Uncle’s cabin. Which is good because as soon as we got up to Canada we spent most of our time there. Occasionally we’d go to the lake or the community center.

By the way, this lake happens to be lake Winnipeg, which is a really huge lake. Large enough to be a sea, I believe, but fresh water, so isn’t. If you’re ever in the area, it’s a really cool place. And since we went before it was really ‘summertime’ in Canada (the kids were still in school) it was not super crowded!

The community center is also awesome. We mostly went there fore Wi-Fi access, but even without that, it has this really awesome mini museum about the area. Also, tanks filled with live fish. Apparently they also had turtles in the tanks last year.IMG_20170623_1120223_rewind

This is a model they have of what the beach front used to be. It doesn’t look like this anymore. This picture also only gets a very small part of the model.


Anyway, I know most of you don’t care about the models and such, but I found them super cool.

Also, another thing I found super cool at the community center was this sign:IMG_20170623_1221547_rewind As a reader, I consider this awesome.


Also, on the note of signs, this is one I found at a gas station, I don’t see in Ohio very often.IMG_20170628_0419287_rewind



Anyway, I’m back home now. As much as I like that area of Canada, Ohio’s home, and I personally love home. Jacob’s still up in Canada with our Aunt and Uncle, but that’s because up there seems to be better for his health than Ohio. Hopefully he’s enjoying good health and fun.

The Power of Light and Flowers

Sprinkles was trying to read a book. She does that sometimes. Unfortuently for her, Cupcake kept falling asleep on the book.IMG_20170326_1733217_rewind

Eventually she gave up. It was about then that she saw the penguin standing in the light of a lamp.IMG_20170326_1734293_rewind

He claimed the glow made him powerful and noble. Everyone else was less than impressed. Except Cupcake. Cupcake is easily impressed, and even tried it himself to see if it would help him get a date with Sprinkles.IMG_20170326_1735186_rewind

Turns out giving Sprinkles a flower worked much better.IMG_20170326_1736044_rewindIMG_20170326_1736299_rewind

Well, he got his date (though only on the condition that afterwards he let Sprinkles read in peace).

Twas the Last Day of School Before Christmas Vacation…

Finally, break! Exams are done, and I can finally rest. Oh, thank goodness.

Sprinkles and Cupcake are enjoying the break too. Today, they decided to climb around by the Christmas
Sprinkles found a few branches, and was content to just sleep there…img_20161222_1400368_rewind
But Cupcake insisted on exploring the packages underneath the tree.
When he tried to convinced Sprinkles to do the same…
he found the same penguin they had seen last year.
The penguin was looking for his stead, a black cat by the name of Gigi. Said cat turned out to also be in the tree, hiding from the penguin.
Gigi turned out to not really be the penguin’s stead. He was a stand in for Magenta, the seahorse who used to be the penguin’s stead, before she abandoned him for her fox boyfriend.

Magenta also turned out to be in the tree (since when was my Christmas tree invaded by so many small critters?) and ended up getting into an argument overwho was the penguin’s stead, both of them claiming it not to be them.
The penguin suggested that to decide, there should be a race to decide. Whoever reached the top of the tree first would be his stead.
Since neither of them wanted to be his stead though, they ended up just climbing out of the tree, and fell asleep among the presents.

I just hope their aren’t any more critters in my tree…