So, today I deleted all my old headers, which I’ve had since I first did this blog, and added all new ones. I loved the old headers, and still kept with the flower theme my blog headers have always had (flowers are kind of a signature for me on the internet-I usually use some sort of flower as my profile picture) but I did change them, and for one distinct reason.

I took the pictures all of my current pictures are made out of myself. They aren’t brilliant or anything, but they are 100% done by me.

Anyway, here’s the original pictures the headers came from (I thought a few of you might appreciate them)


I take a lot of flower pictures, if you couldn’t tell.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went to Indian Mound today. I remeber looking at the river sorrounded by mist  with the sunlight filltering through the leaves, it was calming, breath taking, and butiful. I’m smelling diner, and it’s making me hungery, after all it’s thanksgiving.

A Trip to Clifton Gorge

Today I went to Clifton Gorge with some friends and family. It was neat! Especially when we walked by the river. Then we went to Clifton Mill for  ice-cream. It was so good, even if I prefer Indian Mound myself.