Artwork. Like, Lots of It.


It’s been so long since I’ve posted my artwork! So I’ve got a lot to catch up on.


Cat and Wolf Cover (official)

Final draft! Yes, I know it’s very similar to the idea draft, but I think the overall appearance is more magical girl-ish. Plus, you can see a few of the minor character’s animals within the words.

In the Spotlight

I did this picture as a practice for action poses. I’m not too fond of how the lighting turned out, but it is one of the best action poses I’ve ever done.
I still really need to work on action poses.Destroyed Barriers

I love this couple! This is Rogue and Rosemary from my story Dream Academy. They’re royalty from waring races, that end up falling in love while trying to break up his sister and her cousin who have fallen in love with each other.


I haven’t started on these two’s story yet, but they’re going to be the main character of one of my comics. They’re also my roleplaying characters from Pathfinder.
I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of my sky.

Halloween Witch Re-Draw

It’s a little bit later for Halloween, isn’t it? I actually completed this about two days after Halloween, and am only now posting it.
It’s a re-drawing, but not of a picture I have posted online. The picture its a re-drawing of is one of my oldest pictures, and the first that got me into art. I was feeling kind of depressed about my artistic ability, so I decided to re-draw it to show how far I’ve come.
As it is though, this isn’t one of my best pictures. But it’s still way better than the one I drew in fourth grade.
His Excitement:Her Peace

I started this picture on me and my boyfriend’s 1-year anniversary, earlier this month.
Anyway, the picture was kind of based on our relationship. I’m weird and strange and energetic, and that excites him, coloring his world and giving him excitement.
He, on the other hand, calms me down. I’m intense, I’m emotional, and being around someone who isn’t helps me feel at peace and content.
It’s really nice.

Saint Patrick’s Day and More

So among the midst of schoolwork and exhaustion, I somehow found time to do several crafting/cooking projects. Yay!

So, one of the cooking projects I did either earlier this week or late last week was a repeat of these flower-shaped lemon tarts. I managed to improve on the filling recipe by adding flour and lessing every other ingredient in the filling. This created the right texture.IMG_20170312_1440216_rewind

Also, I’m drew/colored these pictures last week while I was sick, but I only got around scanning them today. The first picture is entitled “Lost in the Deep Blue Sea.” It was inspired by my looking at fanart where people were turning characters into mermaids, so I did it for two of my own characters. I was surprised by how well the sea came out.In-The-Deep-Blue-Sea

The second picture is called, “Found You” and it was also inspired by fandom. This is based off of “childhood friend” AUs. Anyway, the picture is based off of this idea of what if my characters Diamond and Stray met when they were children playing in the woods instead of young adults scared for their lives. I don’t really like how the picture came out, but the concept was cute.Found-You

Anyway, after doing those I had a hard time finding time for crafting until Saint Patrick’s Day, when I finally decided that busy or not I was going to spend some time enjoying myself before I go insane.

So, I attempted to make Saint Patrick’s Day cupcakes, which had the icing melt and run all over the place, so they don’t look great. The cakes themselves started out really fluffy, but after being in the fridge turned really dense and weren’t great, though my family says they liked them.IMG_20170317_2132184_rewind

After the cupcakes I made these two crafts. One is a tin can covered in paper shamrocks. I use it to hold my combs and brushes. The other…you know I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it’s some sort of Saint Patrick’s Day decorations.IMG_20170317_2131094_rewindIMG_20170317_2131334_rewind

So, I made those Friday. Today I finally finished this project I’ve been planning to do for years. I knitted myself this vest/cardigan/thing-y. It’s not the best done project, but doing it relaxed me, and the finished project is very soft and fun to wear. I think it took me around 5-6 hours total to make, but I’m not sure.IMG_20170319_1405362_rewindIMG_20170319_1406279_rewind

Ice Queen’s Dance

This picture is of two of my characters in Dream Academy, Melody, and her fiancee Derek. The two of them are ballet dancers. I really had fun with the shading, but I really need to work on my dancing positions.

Ice Queen's Dance

Ice Queen’s Dance

Also, by the way, my sister Azure and her fiancee have come over Wednesday. They’re leaving on Sunday. It’s been really fun talking to them and taking nature hikes and stuff.

Crowded Hallway

In Studio Ghibli’s Movie “Howl’s Moving Castle” there’s a dream sequence where Sophie is looking for Howl, and while she is she finds him at the end of his room which has been changed to be this overfilled hallway. That’s where I got the inspiration for this picture.
In the picture itself there are a lot of references to my own life (the saxophone, books, ect.) but there are also a lot of references to media I like (major’s mask, ect.) I don’t expect anyone other than me to understand all the references, but I put them in there anyway. It was pretty fun.

Crowded Hallway

I’m thinking about doing a colored version, but I’m not sure yet.

New Artwork

The Land Inside My Head

The Land Inside My Head

The idea of this picture is sort of what the world in my head would look like. I picked a forest since I love nature, particularly flowers and trees. They relax me. The butterflies represent my dreams. There are lots of them, all flittering around, sometimes landing, sometimes not, and all so fragile that I could break them by accident, while still being strong enough to endure the great outdoors. The unicorn is my imagination. It colors my life, which is what is up with the brown spot. No, it is not a mistake or the unicorn poisoning the tree. Yes, I have gotten both of those questions.
Ice Queen

Ice Queen

This is Melody and Derek dancing on a frozen lake. Melody is supposed to have a “ice queen” type personality, so I thought it was fitting.

Forgot Yesterdays

This is Thyme. I forgot his wings.
09b14c11-701f-4cdb-a8f4-354f52038c30 This is one idea of how Vanessa could look. Vanessa entire description is whatever you find attractive, so interpretation is pretty wide. I wasn’t trying very hard not this picture