Merry Christmas-And A Game!

Recently released, and written by me is this: Christmas Project!

Plot summary: Reanna is spending Christmas with her childhood friend Chris, like every Christmas before, but this year she wants to do something different. The two of them decide to do a Christmas bake sale. But there is one problem, neither of them knows how to cook.

Fortunately, Klavier, the cooking club president, is willing to help the two of them out. And thus, the three of them form a friendship of sorts. But for Reanna, could it be the start of something more?

This game is a free download. Get it at:


I’ve been pretty busy lately, my project list is expanding. It’s currently¬†at:

Stories (Main):


Emiko the Balance Keeper

Princess Problem

Dream Project

Dream Academy

Dream Ocean

Stories (Pet Projects):

Character VS Writer

Harmony’s Journal

Art Projects:

Melody’s Dance

Battle in the Background



D and D-Star’s Blessing


Typing up Mom’s juvenilia

Knitting a shall and vest


About sums it up.


Story Update

I wanted to do one of these before I forget. I also would like to mention that I have dropped Princess Problem. I ran out of inspiration, and had very little desire left to do it.

Ashes:Currently being written. It’s on it’s fifth draft.

Emiko the Balance Keeper: On hold. Second draft.

Dream Project: On hold. First draft.

A World Without A Story, Yet

So I was working with the gods of Emiko the Balance Keeper. I found out that eventually the gods have kids, and those kids have kids. And those kids have there own world. So now I’m creating another world. The only story in it is the myths that I’m going to write about the gods about them creating and maintaining a world together.

Story Update

I want to make sure I keep these up. I have’t in a while, so here it goes:

Ashes: I’m writing it. I’m only be third or so draft. It’s turning out not to badly for me.

Princess Problem: I’m rewriting it on the computer.

Emiko the Balance Keeper: On hold

Dream Project: I finished the rough draft. On hold

Dream Project

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. I’ve started a new story called Dream Project. The inspiration for this story came from Dreamer and Harmony stories. These stories have been around a long time, and involved to the point that there basically different sub stories from a branch of a main idea. Kind of like clones. Guess what Dream Project is about. Yeah, I know it’s really fantasy, not science fiction. I can’t write science fiction.

While I’m on the subject of stories, here’s a story update:

Dream Project: On rough draft. Currently writing.

Emiko the Balance Keeper: Second draft, not very far into. On hold.

Princess Problem: Beats me. On hold.

Ashes: Third/fourth draft, I didn’t complete the third before going onto fourth. Writing but slowly.

I know that one or two other stories have been wrote about on this blog, but I’ve dropped them. I probably didn’t even finish a first draft.



I use a lot of notebooks. One of them I use for random inspiration. It has scences from stories (or out of stories) doodles, character designs, poems, rants, ect. It’s kind of interesting to look through, kind of like a journal for my creativity. This notebook inspired ¬†Dream Project, my newest story.

Late Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Yes, I know it’s late. I finished Christmas Project on time, but I’m not releasing it to the public just yet. I want to add a few more events, and maybe get some different art first. Christmas was fun, and I hope you enjoyed it, or whatever holiday you celebrated. If you didn’t celebrate any, I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Christmas Project

I’ve been working on a project for my family. It’s going to be a Christmas present. I wasn’t feeling very creative with the name, so I called it Christmas Project. It’s a visual novel where your doing a charity bake sale, working with tow guys named Chris, and Clavir. My sister wasn’t exactly happy with the names, but I liked them. I guess they aren’t the most creative things in the world though.