A Ramble About Christmas Decorations

I enjoy decorating for the holidays. I’m not into stuff like giant inflatables, or really, giant anything in the way of yard decorations, but I do like decorating. I always decorate my room with some decorations I’ve picked up and made over the years, and my family has a Christmas tree along with a few other small decorations.

There have been times where I’ve felt like all the Christmas lights do sometimes feel like a waste on people’s electrical bills (especially those two houses on the corner who have more Christmas lights than pretty much the entire rest of the block combined) and as I said I don’t like how just oversized and ridiculous a few of the yard decorations I’ve seen.

There is such a thing as overdoing it.

But I do like Christmas decorations. I was mentioning some of my feeling about this to my eldest brother, and he told me he actually like Christmas decorations a lot to. Why? Because they made people feel jolly and happy. The world is capable of producing a lot of electricity, but it has struggled sometimes in producing a lot of happiness. And Christmas is in many ways a holiday about peace and happiness. That’s why it’s accompanied with giving and charities and trying to make sure people have warm clothing for the upcoming winter (my school does a yearly project of trying to get coats, hats, and gloves for needy kids). And that’s one of the reasons it’s awesome.

Religious or not, I think the vast majority of people can agree that spreading joy is one of the best things to do. I know a lot of people find Christmas chaotic, but I suppose that’s because, first of all, it’s over commercialized, and second of all, bringing joy is very tiring work even without it being over commercialized.


Most of my week was spent with either band or studying, but there were a few other minor things I accomplished.


For one thing, I invented a cupcake recipe. I’ll post the recipe later today, but, here’s a picture as a sneak peek.IMG_20170904_1507402_rewind

On top of that, me and my sister repainted a doll crib. It was white, but the paint was chipping off. So, we ended up sorting through our family’s old paint collection, getting rid of a lot of old stuff, and finding this purple paint that was still in good condition. I think it was the same as the ones on our living room walls.

It’s pretty now. I’ll post a picture after I finish cleaning up the dolls just side of it.


And, and on the note of posting pictures… I believe I’ve already mentioned on this blog that I put a bunch of my sister’s artwork on the wall…well, here’s photos of that:IMG_20170910_1254197_rewindIMG_20170910_1254478_rewind


I know I haven’t posted in forever! Well, not since over a month at least. Anyway, marching band and school have both started now. Robotics club starts next Thursday. So, life is busy. I’ve been trying to leave time to spend with my family, but it gets hard sometimes. I have tomorrow off of school, but I should probably some work instead of just lazing around. I haven’t accomplished much this weekend-mostly due to me getting sick.

I’m feeling a bit better now, which is good.


I’m not much of a wander. I like Ohio. I like my home in Ohio. Why would I leave? Well, apparently to visit relatives in Canada.

I brought Sprinkles and Cupcake with me. Sprinkles at least is much more adventurous than me. Though, being small as she is; my house is like a town to her. Cupcake’s happy as long as he’s with her.IMG_20170615_0943349_rewind

Still, they were pretty lazy in the car going up. Good thing too; we wouldn’t have room for them to be rowdy.IMG_20170614_0804537_rewind

It was a pretty rainy journey up.IMG_20170615_0944067_rewind

Though it had its moments of sunshine.IMG_20170619_0825457_rewindIMG_20170622_1056454_rewindIMG_20170616_1209247_rewind


Sprinkles and Cupcake really liked my Uncle’s cabin. Which is good because as soon as we got up to Canada we spent most of our time there. Occasionally we’d go to the lake or the community center.

By the way, this lake happens to be lake Winnipeg, which is a really huge lake. Large enough to be a sea, I believe, but fresh water, so isn’t. If you’re ever in the area, it’s a really cool place. And since we went before it was really ‘summertime’ in Canada (the kids were still in school) it was not super crowded!

The community center is also awesome. We mostly went there fore Wi-Fi access, but even without that, it has this really awesome mini museum about the area. Also, tanks filled with live fish. Apparently they also had turtles in the tanks last year.IMG_20170623_1120223_rewind

This is a model they have of what the beach front used to be. It doesn’t look like this anymore. This picture also only gets a very small part of the model.


Anyway, I know most of you don’t care about the models and such, but I found them super cool.

Also, another thing I found super cool at the community center was this sign:IMG_20170623_1221547_rewind As a reader, I consider this awesome.


Also, on the note of signs, this is one I found at a gas station, I don’t see in Ohio very often.IMG_20170628_0419287_rewind



Anyway, I’m back home now. As much as I like that area of Canada, Ohio’s home, and I personally love home. Jacob’s still up in Canada with our Aunt and Uncle, but that’s because up there seems to be better for his health than Ohio. Hopefully he’s enjoying good health and fun.

Heading Off…

I haven’t really posted much this summer. I apologize to my very few and far between readers.

I’m heading off to Canada early tomorrow to go visit my Aunt and Uncle at their cabin by the lake. Which should be fun. I’m staying there for around a week and a half to two weeks. There is an unfortunate 19 hour drive time (which is being traveled in 2 days) but that can’t be helped.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve accomplished so far this summer:

1. Organized major amounts of three rooms

2. Baked a strawberry shortcake, and a couple strawberry pies

3. Read Jane Eyre

4. Knitted a water bottle case

5. Knitted mini boots for a teddy bear

Why I Look For Small Pieces of Happiness

Someone asked me whether I’d rather live in this chaotic world, or die where it’s peaceful.

Look, I’m not going to deny that this world sometimes sucks. Evil is celebrated, cursing is not only expected but respected, being a jerk is okay if it’s for laughs, and the response to kindness and politeness is to make fun of them.

I’m not completely oblivious here.

The thing is that because of this, anything good is considered unimportant or unrealistic. And then they wonder why their so miserable. You’re not going to see good unless you look for it.

The way light filters through leaves.

The way a new mother looks at her child despite all the pain she’s been through.

A small compliment from one acquaintance to another.

I know it’s a hard world to live in. I myself have dreamed of the chance of peace I might find after this life. But until then, I’m going to continue to look for the good. It’s little, but it’s struggling to survive.

Humanity has so many good things about it. The thing is that humanity has started to reject its own goodness, and instead only believe in evil.


But the world still beautiful.

Was It Only A Week Ago?

Honestly. This week has been such a rush. The musical is this Friday and Saturday, so I’ve been busy with that, as well as schoolwork and church responsibilities. I kind of just crashed today.

Still it’s weird looking back at what I did last week and remembering just how recently it happened. I mean…


Just last week I made a Phantoms of the Opera costume for my stuffed seal (the seal is a good luck charm for band, and we’re doing a Phantom of the Opera medley so it felt appropriate)IMG_20170416_2032292_rewind

And I made a “resurrection garden” and a carrot drawstring bag to celebrate Easter.IMG_20170416_2031552_rewindIMG_20170416_1256214_rewind


This week felt like it took forever.

But it did end.

Because time doesn’t stand still.



You know, I really wanted to write something motivational for Easter. Most of Easter weekend has been great for me, and I am extremely grateful for what Jesus Christ has done for me. It’s an amazing thought to know just how much he would go through for the world.

But I’m finding it hard to find the right motivational words. I’m being faced with two very tough decisions for me, and I feel like I’m at the breaking point. So it’s hard to be happy and inspired when I’m in this much pain.

But isn’t that part of what Easter is about? How pain and suffering can lead to triumph? Did not Christ’s pain lead to the salvation of the world? Could not this pain lead to the triumph of me?

I don’t know entirely. I can’t see the future, and I don’t know where I’m going. But I do know that Christ did atone for me, and the entire world.

So, with that I do have two very important things to say.

1. I am in all likelihood not doing marching band anymore. I just don’t love it enough for it to be worth the pain.

2. I really do love all of my friends. You guys are some of the few people who have been able to care for me. But… you guys don’t have the same morals as me. Which is fine, except that it’s getting harder and harder for me to feel comfortable around you guys. So, for the sake of my own sanity, I might be a little distant.

Another Week…

So, the Spring Musical, of which I am both a cast member and set painter of, is the last week of this month. The band concert is the Tuesday after that. State testing is in between now and then, along with both of my honor classes picking up heat.

I am, what you might call, stressed.

Still, I’ve just got to look at the positive side of the situation, right? I’m not dead yet. I’ve managed to get several projects done, and I am enjoying the musical, even though I do find it stressful. I do actually enjoy History and English, which is something school has a way of making me forget. And I’m relatively good at one of the songs for the band concert already, except one section, but that can be fixed.

Well, talking like that does make me feel a better. It doesn’t stop it from being stressful, but it does stop the stress from going to the head too much. I honestly suggest it for stressed people. Talk through the problems, write them down, break them into chunks and schedule/plan them out. Stereotypical advice bit it does work.

Also, find time to do something that you’ve passionate about. For me, that was taking the time to cook some chocolate chip scones and buttermilk pie yesterday. I get grumpy when either I don’t write or don’t cook. Stress baking is wonderful. Partly because the stress makes me hungry, though I guess I ought to be eating healthier.IMG_20170408_1950065_rewindIMG_20170408_1949562_rewindIMG_20170408_1950471_rewind

Also on a completely unrelated note, it has been raining so much that places that are usually land have flooded, and so I saw geese swimming around behind my church where usually there’s land.IMG_20170409_1207426_rewind

Unrelated, but amused me.IMG_20170405_1819564_rewind

Spring Break

Spring Break! So, the most basic summary of Spring Break for me:

Friday after school: Collapse

Saturday: Tried to work, but instead got distracted by stories online

Sunday: Actually manages to work

Monday: Works

Tuesday: Lori came home from her mission! Also, I burned a cake.

Wednesday: Spends time with Lori

Thursday and Friday: Cleans and organized house with Lori

Saturday and Sunday: Last minute panic finishing projects


What projects and work? Well, first of all music and dance practice. Then I hand sewed a skirt (I messed up on it though). I also made two videos myself, helped Lori and Jacob make another. IMG_20170402_1444324_rewind

I finished writing Cat and Wolf. And drew a picture of the characters from it as they would be within the Harry Potter world.Cat-and-Wolf-Hogsworth-AU And another picture.Demons-Within-the-Mind

And I finally got around to finishing a bracelet I started nearly a year ago.IMG_20170402_2029031_rewind