Archive | November 2013

Finding A New Hobby

The only problem with finding a new hobby is it has to become a hobby. (Yes, I know that that was obvious, and redundant.) I’m very good at get interested in something for a short amount of time but finding something that sticks is a bit more difficult. To about the point of impossibility. Just about the only thing that has stuck is writing, and art to greater or lesser extent. Handwork, dancing, random misc. online games, they just get dull after a while. Nothing is really that interesting anyway. They’re just new.

Happy Halloween

I know it’s late, but beggar’s night was delayed to today anyway, and that’s basically Halloween. Here’s a quick story update:

Emiko the Balance Keeper: I’ve finished the rough draft, but I need to type it onto the computer.

Princess Problem: I’m having writer’s bock, and so I’m out of ideas.

Ashes: On hold.

Faye’s Story: I’ve got the first 250 words or so.