Archive | January 2014

Back to School

After a five day weekend due to cold, I’m back to school.

I like school because I’m more likely to do stuff when I’ve got it. I’m even more likely to do stuff when I get home. Like writing. Because I write in my free time at school, it gets my mind going towards doing it when I get home, or at least thinking about my story.

No School

School was cancelled today. I have know idea what to do, especially considering that this is the second day in a row that it’s been cancelled.

Some More Artwork

These are some pictures I drew. For the top one (I call it Fantasy Forest) I wanted to draw something detailed. It doesn’t have a very good central focus, but I like it anyway. The second one (called Sunrise) I drew for the colors. The third one (Open Book) was based on the idea of opening a book, and the story coming out of the book. The story is Dreamer, a story that’s been in my head for over a year now. The last picture I call Soul Room. It’s a tribute to Harmony, the sister story of Dreamer. The coloring of the picture was based off of the black blood room in Soul Eater. You get inspiration from some of the weirdest places. All in all, I’m satisfied with my work, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded pics. Enjoy!

School’s Canceled

School was canceled today because of cold. It was canceled yesterday too. I’m not overly fond of school, but it keeps me working. I kinda wish the cold came not immediately after Christmas break, because I’m not sick of school yet, and I have to make up in snow days after the fifth. Mostly I’ve been wasting time (I found some very cute fanfics doing that) and I’ve edited my blog. I did a bit of writing in Emiko the Balance Keeper, and I drew a picture (I’ll upload it later).