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Cout Down

My birthday is coming up Monday, and yesterday my best friend started a count down. Best frined. It seems a little backwords that my best friend was doing the countdown, not me. I think she was excited to give me my gift (She gave it to me today, in case we don’t have school Monday.)

Another Artwork

The little spheres are suppose to be souls. The girl’s idea came from angels, originally she was going to have wings, but I got rid of them. Seriously, angel wings are difficult. The soul that she’s holding is a demon soul. I like angel and demon themes. The background took forever because it’s all black. I used a lot of black colored pencil. The work is titled Demon Soul.Demon-SoulCrop

Dream Project

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. I’ve started a new story called Dream Project. The inspiration for this story came from Dreamer and Harmony stories. These stories have been around a long time, and involved to the point that there basically different sub stories from a branch of a main idea. Kind of like clones. Guess what Dream Project is about. Yeah, I know it’s really fantasy, not science fiction. I can’t write science fiction.

While I’m on the subject of stories, here’s a story update:

Dream Project: On rough draft. Currently writing.

Emiko the Balance Keeper: Second draft, not very far into. On hold.

Princess Problem: Beats me. On hold.

Ashes: Third/fourth draft, I didn’t complete the third before going onto fourth. Writing but slowly.

I know that one or two other stories have been wrote about on this blog, but I’ve dropped them. I probably didn’t even finish a first draft.



It took awhile, but me and my mom finally got the Artwork and Photo Album pages up and working. They’re even better now, too! I’m glad I did it, though it was a pain.

Melting Snow

The snow is starting to melt. I like that it’s getting warmer, it’s been the coldest winter here in 40 years. It’s been relally nice today and yesterday. Love the snow, but there is only so much I can take.

I really feel like reading today, I’m hoping to get back to writing soon too.

Happy Late Valentines

Happy Late Single Awareness Day! Aka Valentines Day. Yeah I know its late, and that I haven’t been updating my blog (I doubt anyone has really been reading it at this point and time). Anyway, I wish you guys all had a good one.

It was intresting figuring out what my characters would say about Valtines Day,  or what they would say on a Valentines itself.

Once again, Happy Late Single Awareness Day.


I use a lot of notebooks. One of them I use for random inspiration. It has scences from stories (or out of stories) doodles, character designs, poems, rants, ect. It’s kind of interesting to look through, kind of like a journal for my creativity. This notebook inspired  Dream Project, my newest story.


I’ve been getting a little tired of all the snow/ice/cold. Not only do I not like playing in the snow because I get cold, but I’m getting sick of all the timeI’m getting off school. I know that sounds really weird to most people, but I do more when I have school.