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Calling of the Creature

I actually drew this a while back, but the coloring was done only recently. I’m not sure what creature that is. I really don’t, except that it’s a bird/serpent thing. It’s from an idea I was playing around with in Harmony’s story.Calling-of-the-Creature

Spring is Here!

It’s really warm outside, and it’s got me excited! I’ve rode bikes for the first time in a while. It’s so nice I did some reading outside. I’m hoping soon I won’t have to take a jacket to school, because I really only need it in the mornings.

Even More Artwork

Not pastel! This is suppose to be Harmony fighting one of her enmy. She does that a lot, unfortunetly. Does anyone else like my vines? I do! They were problably the most fun to draw, and turned out the best. The grass makes everything look the same though. I hate drawing Harmony in her fighting clothes because the get all torn up, and that’s diffcult to draw.Harmony's-BattleCrop

Full Size Pastel

The red bird is suppose to be a phinex, but it didn’t turn out right. The next one is a demon taking a girl/angel and a little alive human is waching. The last one is a ball for a bunch of ghoast. That one was really fun to draw.Red-Bird-of-HopeCropTakenCropGhoast-DanceCrop


I’ve been doing a lot of pastel drawings. This is some pastel drawings I did on the back of index cards. Each one represents a member of my family.Mom-PastelCropDad-PastelCropBen-PastelCropAzure-PastelCropLori-PastelCropJacob-PastelCropLissa-PastelCrop


My birthday was Monday, but Azure and Jasmine’s presents didn’t arrive until yesterday. Thanks to both of them, I really love what they got me and I know I’m a bit diffcult to get presents for.

Happy Birthday

Today’s my birthday. I turned thirteen today. It’s not really that exciting, in fact, I can almost forget it was my birthday. Well, not really, but it really isn’t that intresting. I just thought I’d let my nonexsist readers know. (If I do have readers than I apolgize, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume I don’t.)