Archive | April 2014

In A Crystal Cave

In-A-Crystal-CaveCropI drew this one during General Conference, but I only colored it recently. It’s one of my first, if not first, cave picture. I had a lot of fun with it. It’s entitled In A Crystal Cave because that sounds cooler than Girl Riding A Giant Spider.

A World Without A Story, Yet

So I was working with the gods of Emiko the Balance Keeper. I found out that eventually the gods have kids, and those kids have kids. And those kids have there own world. So now I’m creating another world. The only story in it is the myths that I’m going to write about the gods about them creating and maintaining a world together.

Story Update

I want to make sure I keep these up. I have’t in a while, so here it goes:

Ashes: I’m writing it. I’m only be third or so draft. It’s turning out not to badly for me.

Princess Problem: I’m rewriting it on the computer.

Emiko the Balance Keeper: On hold

Dream Project: I finished the rough draft. On hold

Rainy Weather

It’s been extremely rainy for days. It feels weird though that I keep posting about the weather. I guess that I”m really bored. It’s amazing how I can do stuff all day, and still feel like I did nothing much.