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Story Update

I wanted to do one of these before I forget. I also would like to mention that I have dropped Princess Problem. I ran out of inspiration, and had very little desire left to do it.

Ashes:Currently being written. It’s on it’s fifth draft.

Emiko the Balance Keeper: On hold. Second draft.

Dream Project: On hold. First draft.

Marching Band/Girl’s Camp

I joined Marching Band recently. It’s a interesting experience. It’s always when I think that I will never get it, that I get it. So far it’s been really fun!

I missed part of the first week of Marching Band to go to girl’s camp. Which was fun, but tiring. As well as not getting to sleep until pass midnight (for all of those who go to bed pass midnight it’s not a surprise how much you complain about mornings. Personally I prefer early to bed early to rise), I was also put up a steep hill. Then I went on a hike. That was up and down hills. It was still fun. It was a spiritual experience. That and I got  candy. I actually do prefer the spirituality over the candy.

New Artwork

I have some more pictures to post:

Triplets of Sound goes like this: In one of my story world Sylos there are a series of gods. Three of these are the triplets of sound, as shone here. The one on the green is Melody, goddess of beautiful sounds and getting along. On the gray is Silence goddess of no sound, and no relationship. On the red is Discord, goddess of ugly sounds and arguing, hating, ex.

I had a hard time naming Sky of Dreams.  The idea is that Harmony’s sister Echo goes all over the place running helping her siblings, and on one of these trips she ends up ridding a unicorn to a place that doesn’t make much sense. It’s both day and night, and land flies, jellyfish swim through air.

Triplets of Sound

Triplets of Sound

Sky of Dreams

Sky of Dreams