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New Artwork!

This one was finished just a few minutes ago. It’s entitled Betrayed. I went for more of a metaphorical/symbolic idea, with Harmony, plant elemental (elemental is a type of magic in her world) from Dream Academy. This was inspired by two anime. One was Rozen Maiden, particularly the seventh doll and her thorny vine thingamajig. The other simply inspired the moon, and that would be inspired by Soul Eater. Except this moon doesn’t have face. And is white.

Doing the vines, and the sky around the vines took a really long time! And was hard and annoying, but hey, the picture is kinda cool looking in my opinion.




I’ve been pretty busy lately, my project list is expanding. It’s currently¬†at:

Stories (Main):


Emiko the Balance Keeper

Princess Problem

Dream Project

Dream Academy

Dream Ocean

Stories (Pet Projects):

Character VS Writer

Harmony’s Journal

Art Projects:

Melody’s Dance

Battle in the Background



D and D-Star’s Blessing


Typing up Mom’s juvenilia

Knitting a shall and vest


About sums it up.