Archive | May 2015

School’s Out

Well,eigth grade is over. Now that the excitement has worn off I’m just really tired. I’m somewhat disappointed with myself. This school year sucked, and well, I’m not blameless for it. But, whatever, it’s past now, and I’m going to do better in the future.

Memorial Day

Memorial day has always been one of the sadder holidays, but I think occasionally it’s important to remember those who fought for what is often taken for granted. After the parade, someone gave a speech in which the kept repeating “freedom is not free.”

Memorial Day is Coming Up

It was dropped on me this Wednesday that the marching band was preforming in my town’s Memorial day parade, and that I had a practice Thursday. The practice went pretty well, and I was glad to be back with my band. I don’t see them often because I’m one of the few Middle schoolers in the High School marching band. I would probably he looking forward more to this parade more if I hadn’t left my music at the high school. Stupid me.

I am way behind on posting my artwork so I’ll get on that. Or at least I’ll try.