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Sparkles and Cupcake

This is Sparkles and Cupcake.IMG_20151226_132425
Sparkles is the cat, Cupcake the dinosaur. I got them for Christmas last year. They planned to spend Christmas together, but Cupcake got his nose stuck and couldn’t get out, so they had to replan. Sparkles was very annoyed.
Still they went for a walk today.IMG_20151226_132549
Just as they were getting more comfortable, a pink penguine showed up and interuppted them. Sparkles left in disgust.IMG_20151226_132626

Merry Christmas-And A Game!

Recently released, and written by me is this: Christmas Project!

Plot summary: Reanna is spending Christmas with her childhood friend Chris, like every Christmas before, but this year she wants to do something different. The two of them decide to do a Christmas bake sale. But there is one problem, neither of them knows how to cook.

Fortunately, Klavier, the cooking club president, is willing to help the two of them out. And thus, the three of them form a friendship of sorts. But for Reanna, could it be the start of something more?

This game is a free download. Get it at: