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Of Sickness and Flame

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was dealing with some sickness. I’ve been sick a lot lately. I went into the doctors, but I think I might have to go back. 🙁 Well, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.
Luckily the sickness hasn’t been bad enough to prevent me from going to school, except for one day, and I’ve been going to marching band practices, though they’ve been pretty rough with the sickness and all. Still, I press through. Barely.
Luckily, I felt well enough to go to a bonfire hosted by one of my friends from marching band. It was really awesome. There was s’mores and soda (both of which I don’t get very often) and we rolled down this hill that she had near her house, and played Werewolf.
My friend Emily arrived late, so when she got there me and one of my other friends did a reenactment of the scene from Princess Bride where Buttercup shoves the Man In Black down the hill, and then herself down after him. It was GREAT!
We also played this variation of tag that they called Slenderman. It was interesting for me because I just went out past where they were searching, laid in the grass and stargazed, while being slightly amused that it took them half an hour to find me when I would have been in plain sight if it wasn’t for the fact that it was dark.
Of course, that game was interesting because it took us a long time to find the three elder boys (they were off the property apparently) and one of them was the drum major’s boyfriend, and we were joking about how we would explain that to her when we got back to school on Monday.
“Er…we may have misplaced your boyfriend during a game of Slenderman.”
Somehow we didn’t think that would go over well. Luckily, he did come back so we didn’t have to.img_20160924_2149033_rewind
So, because Tari lost the game of Slenderman, she had to take off her beanie.
If you couldn’t tell by the final picture, she was not pleased.


So, today I deleted all my old headers, which I’ve had since I first did this blog, and added all new ones. I loved the old headers, and still kept with the flower theme my blog headers have always had (flowers are kind of a signature for me on the internet-I usually use some sort of flower as my profile picture) but I did change them, and for one distinct reason.

I took the pictures all of my current pictures are made out of myself. They aren’t brilliant or anything, but they are 100% done by me.

Anyway, here’s the original pictures the headers came from (I thought a few of you might appreciate them)


I take a lot of flower pictures, if you couldn’t tell.

The Bean Festival

I’ve spent most of this week sick. I first noticed it when I came home from school on Monday, and ended up having to miss Tuesday and Wednesday of school (which is not a good situation to be in when you have honors classes) but managed to get back Thursday. I had a pile of make-up work to do, but I did manage to get it done, though it took a while.

On Friday I had a robotics meeting. I spent most of the time helping my guy friend Harg (his real name is Alex, but since there’s two Alex’s in the robotics club, I’ve taken to calling him Harg, which is a shortened form of Hargrave which is his last name.) dismantle a robot (apparently him and Jacob started dismantling it the door before, but I wasn’t there because I had marching band practice. Then organizing the parts that had been taken off the dismantled robot. (So many screws) It was really fun. The football game that night was…er, prone to being wet? It was alumni night, which means that the prior marching band members that graduated already come back and play with us, so we weren’t doing our competition show. Probably a good thing considering that we ended up with a lightening delay, and then the rest of the time it was rainy (we got out the woodwind instruments for halftime since it stopped raining for that, but we kept the woodwinds in their cases the rest of the time because woodwinds and rain don’t mix.)
Due to the lightening delay, the game went on longer than usual. And I had to get up at 6:30 (probably should have been up before than, but I was tired) for the parade the next day.
Parade day. One of the most tiring days of band season. We start out at the Xenia Parade. Which mostly consist of us waiting around for something to happen. Then you march the parade, and it’s basically basics with music. And for some reason we’re always out of time.
After the Xenia Parade is over, we get a several hour break. This is the nicest part of the day in my opinion. I did homework (’cause I had a lot of make-up homework to catch up on), but I go to the festival a hour and a half or so early so that I could enjoy the festival a bit. And talk to Harg.
Actually, I’ll be honest, talking to Harg and my other friends is my main reason for going early. I get to see Emily at marching band, but I don’t have any classes with Harg, so before school and robotics is the only time I normally see Harg and Curtis. I’m not actually very fond of festivals. And let’s face it…it’s called the Bean Festival. I mean, come off it, the other towns nearby have the Popcorn Festival or the Strawberry Shortcake Festival, and we have the Bean Festival. I mean, I know that we’re an agricultural town in the middle of nowhere, but we could still come up with the better name. Also, festival’s mostly seem like an excuse to spend money. Seriously, the only things you can really do their for free is visit the ballon animal guy, and look at things. And, like, maybe one of the booths has free handouts. This year I got hand sanitizer as a free handout.
I actually kind of enjoy the Bean Festival as a time to talk to friends and look at pretty jewelry (the craft show at the opera house is a good place for the latter).
Also, I need to look up some recipes for funnel cake.

Anyway, the marching band preforms a standstill performance at this stage at the center of town where we either play stand tunes or our show music. After that we load up the trailer of the front ensemble instruments, and then head to Marcus’s house, where his mom feeds us. Usually we have a nice break at Marcus’s house, but this year after loading the trailer we only had half an hour or so before we had to set up for the parade.
The parade at the Bean Festival is much shorter than the Xenia Parade (Because it’s a small town-which is one of the reasons that I love it). After that we pack up our instruments, and uniforms (which we had to do in the rain, because it always seems to rain at the Bean Festival for some reason-once again I worry about our woodwind instruments. Especially since I play one) and then walk home (in the rain.)
Actually on my way home from the parade, I tend to pick up the pieces of candy that were thrown in the parade, and overlooked up the rest of the kids)
Harg’s family was selling stuff, so they had this rain cover over them that they let me stay under and talk to them while the rain passed by. I wanted to give them a shout out for their kindness to me. They’re great people.

Anyway, I actually had a lot of fun, even if the parade’s themselves are exhausting, and I didn’t really want to do them, and was glad they were over. It was okay because I got to talk to my friends. I have amazing, geeky, weird and wonderful friends.
They make my life suck less.

Even if spending time with them sometimes means I have to be up at 11:30 completing homework (which I did).

Unfortunately, I was left sore by this weekend. And still recovering from the cold, I was sick today. So, I laid in bed and do some quality reading time.
Because as much as I love hanging out with friends, sometimes I just need some me time.

The Week of Our First Competition

Sorry for not posting last week. I’ve been really exhausted. AP English, Pre-Ap History, and marching band take a lot of a person. Still, I’m starting to get adjusted to school, which is good. This week has been crazy.

Monday was Labour Day, so I had it off school. I went to this service project where we were helping somebody fix up a ramp. It turned out that there were more people then there were tools, and we ended up being unneeded and leaving early. I think though that part of service is showing up. Showing up even if you don’t know how your going to help, and just being there if you’re needed. Sometimes you won’t be, and other times you will have to be doing a lot of work. You show up, and whatever comes, comes.

Most of the rest of the weeks has been spent on marching band, school, and seminary. Basically, my schedule has me waking up at 6 am every morning to do seminary (I’m in an online class and the lessons take about half a hour) and then doing studying for spanish, and relaxation exercises before getting dressed and heading to school. I arrive at school early so I can talk to my friends. And then I’m at school until 3, and then I have a half an hour break to do homework, get a drink, and maybe do saxophone practice before marching band starts at 3:30. After that I’m at band practice until 6. At 6 I go home, give myself about an hour down time, because if I don’t relax I’m going to scream, usually in the form of cooking (I’m a stress baker) and then do saxophone practice until about 9 (counting in the time that it takes to get home, relax, and eat dinner, my saxophone practice is usually about an hour, give or take) and then do homework. After that I read my scriptures, and usually get to bed at about 10:30 to 11:00 at night.

Now, my after school schedule changes on Fridays. I don’t have band practice on Fridays because of the football game, but I do have to be at the football game to preform. I usually have to arrive somewhere between 5 and 6. Usually, that’d give me an hour or two to work on homework, but now I’m starting robotics club meeting. They started last Friday, and we’re having meetings on both Thursdays and Fridays (I’m unable to attend Thursday meetings because of band practice) and they go until 5. Despite that, I’m really looking forward to robotics this year. My friends Hannah-senpai and Alex, and my brother Jacob joined this year, so I actually have people I know with me. Last Friday we mostly just introduced the club, told a few stories about last year, and organized the room we got (the robotics club actually have our own room this year! Well, technically we share if half and half with the engineering class which we just got this year, but it’s still way better than last year where our club room was the physical science classroom, and we had to tuck everything away so that the teacher could have classes). It was really fun, and since we finished early I got to take a much needed trip to the library.

Unfortuently, robotics leaves me with the only time I have over the weekend to do homework is around band competitions on Saturdays. (I don’t do homework on Sunday because it’s the Sabbath) so I have to do my homework on the band bus, and in the stands watching the other bands preform. (Bands preform in order of the size of our band. Our band is extremely small with less then twenty musicians, four guard members, and a drum major we usually preform first or second, so usually we have a lot of time to sit in the stands and do homework)

Speaking of band competitions, we had one of those this week. And what a competition it was. First of all, I had miserable morning. I kept coughing and I felt super exhausted, so all throughout the practice that we have before a competition, I felt really awful. Eventually I got better, and even got kind of cheerful as a few of our problems got fixed. I rested up on the way to the school we were preforming at, and though I felt drowsy, and like I didn’t really want to be there, I was in horrible condition. It was cloudy, but not raining as we unloaded the trailer and got out our instruments and warmed up. The rain clouds looked like they might past us, and while the wind was annoying, I wasn’t expecting much to happen. Then we were told to head inside because of a lightening warning. Just as we headed in, we heard the thunder. Loud. Us, and all the other bands headed inside. So, we sat around inside (or in my case walked around-I have a hard time sitting still) and waited for the lightening and rain to pass. Eventually, I ended up sitting next to Rachelle, Emily and Tari-senpai (my closest and dearest friends in marching band) and playing a weird variation of Apples to Apples, which was both verbal and forced to confess your deepest darkest secrets (yeah, not normal Apples to Apples). Eventually, it was decided that the competition would be done inside, as a stand still performance. We were all still scored, but we would not get any points for visual, just for guard, percussion, and music. It was pretty chaotic, since no one really knew what we they were doing. All the bands were everywhere at once and it was really hard to keep track of what was going on, but we managed to head into the gym we were preforming with all the confidence a day as crazy as this had been could muster.
Our performance went really well. After we finished the Night on Bald Mountain part of our piece the audience clapped so loud that our drum major almost cried, and we had to force ourselves not to smile and keep playing.
I could see the judges from where I was. At one point in Movement II one of them gave us a thumbs up. I was pretty satisfied.
After our performance though we had to go out into the rain to put our instruments back on the trailer, get off uniforms, and try to protect everything the best we could from the rain. Luckily, we had a new electronics cart built this year for situations like this, so none of our electronics got wet. We still had to rush around to get woodwind instruments into cases, because woodwinds and rain do not mix. After that we had to run back to the band bus to get out of uniform, and I mean run because it was thundering, and then after that we went back inside while Mr. Bush decided what to do next.
In the end we ended up going to Pizza Hut to get dinner. We all sat around, and talked and took pictures, and I had some of the best time I’ve had with my band all season. I’ve been so stressed, but that day was a saving grace, because it reminded me of just how much everyone in the band means to me. I get mad at them. I get annoyed at them. I get upset at them. But there is not a person in that band that I can honestly say I hate. And there is not a person in that band I would not do my best for. And sometimes I feel like I don’t belong with them. I felt that way Friday. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Like every day pretty much. And I’m stressed and I’m tired, and so are they.
You make it work.
Though seriously, I have to thank the Huddlestons who paid for the food, and encouraged us to eat as much as we wanted, the Pizza Hut workers for dealing with suddenly have over twenty hungry teenagers to feed, Drew for giving me his left overs during lunch, and Emily for letting me much off her for food all the time (why are all my thank yous about food) and Mr Bush for not giving up on me (a thank you that was not about food!
Near the end of the bus ride home Mr Bush gave us the results of the competition. We got second place in musical performance for 1A bands, first place of 1A bands for guard and percussion, 3rd place for guard and percussion of 1A and 2A bands and 2nd place overall for 1A bands, and I could not be prouder of our guard and percussion. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Anyway, it was an amazing day.