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Cupcake was Found

Turns out that my friend had not kidnapped Cupcake. He was found in my family’s driveway. Apparently he had gone exploring.


When you survive cancer, everyone calls you a hero.
It seems weird to me, since I didn’t do anything except obey the doctor’s orders and get sick in the first place. I don’t consider myself the hero. My doctor was a hero. My parents were heros. God was a hero. Me? All I did was one of the things most vital to human instinct. I survived.
Still, when the school’s annual cancer walk came and we put up signs of members of families and friends who had fought cancer, or were fighting cancer, my name was up.
It’s weird walking and seeing my name. When I looked at all the people I knew nothing about, I could see that they were heros. That had meant enough to someone for them to put their name up. I realized that I guess that does make me a hero. A strange one, but a hero just the same.

Actually the entire day of the cancer walk was really fun for me. It was an easy day during school because it was the end of the quarter, but had enough work that I wasn’t bored out of my mind.
I went to robotics after school, where I got to spend sometime with some of my greatest friends, Hannah-senpai, Abby, and Harg. It’s always for me to be around them, even if they know how to push every button I have. They make me happy though. img_20161028_1622180_rewindimg_20161028_1551070_rewind

On Saturday, the marching band had a competition. It was surprisingly warm day for the end of October, which was really nice because usually we are numb with cold during this time of year. We did a really good performance. We didn’t win anything, unfortuently, but we still did the best we’ve done all year.
It was great though getting the time to spend with friends.img_20161029_2240409_rewind
The above picture was taken during the award ceremony.img_20161029_1825014_rewind
And me and my friends during dinner. We aren’t usually this nice in pictures. Usually we’re more like, well…img_20161029_1824039_rewind

I brought Sprinkles and Cupcake along with me to the competetion. They were a bit surprised. Especially during dinner.img_20161029_1754560_rewind
Since it started out like this…img_20161029_1800465_rewind
And then suddenly there were only bones left. They think a monster might have eaten it, but they don’t have proof. I do though.img_20161029_1800351_rewind
Part way through they got separated. Cupcake ended up in one of my friends duffel bags. Sprinkles kept trying to my attention so I would go looking for Cupcake, with mixed results. The hogging my camera was the best she did at getting my attention.img_20161029_2236006_rewind
I must not have understood because my friend still has Cupcake, and well, I don’t. Sprinkles is still mad.

Just on a totally random note, I look great in my marching band uniform.

Evening Smith

Here’s a little poem I came up with at the competition last night. It was inspired by my friend giving me one of her bottles of soda that were marked E. Smith for her name, and I joked around that I was secretly her sister Evening Smith.

“I am the Evening Smith,
From the last rays of sun I paint the sky,
And when the paint fades,
from the dust that remains I make night
and light the sky
With silver stars”


Sorry for not posting last week. I’ve been struggling with some conflicting emotions. Honestly, I mostly just burry myself into my work and ignore them, but they’re becoming harder to ignore. I’m not good at facing my feelings, but I’m starting to have to. It’s a frustrating challenge.

I do like challenges though.

I did have a marching band competition. It went really well. We got a 57 overall, and placed second in our division. It was fun. It got cold near the end, but I’m less bothered by the cold than most of the others in our band (My mom’s Canadian, so she freaks out less about the weather here, so I’ve gotten more chances to build up an immunity). It was nice to have some time to spend with my friends being silly, especially since most of this week has been homework, extracurriculars and studying. (I actually did study while we were watching the other bands preform).

Saying “Thank You”

This week was such a blur it’s hard to say exactly what happened on what day. Anyway, besides having to dodge a lot of drama and do a lot of homework, it wasn’t so bad.

I only had to do marching band in the morning on Saturday though, which gave me time to do some much needed catch-up on my homework, and allowed me to spend today in my fandoms.

Anyway, the reason I had to do marching band in the morning on Saturday was because our band was preforming at the Lowe’s safety meeting. Lowe’s had donated a lot to us so that we could build a new percussion cart and the bed that we’re using as a prop (it’s not a real bed, in case you couldn’t guess), and in return they only asked for us to preform for them at this safety meeting. It was so generous of them, so of course we happily agreed. And then after we preformed, they gave us food to say “thank you.” We were the ones in debt to them!

“Thank you” is such an interesting term. We are taught in at a young age, but sometimes we forget to say it when we grow older. “Thank you” for being a friend. “Thank you” for picking me up when I was done. “Thank you” for believing in me. Those are all things that we are thankful for, yet we so little. I guess we’re worried about sounding cheesy. I know I am. Still, I think “thank you” is a term that needs to be said more often.

A Week of Work

After some severe breathing trouble on Tuesday, I ended up going to the doctors and being put on more medication. Luckily, it seems to be working, and my breathing is being much more regular. I’ve been managing do marching band.
Of course, the marching band’s had a rough week in the way of practice. Our band director threw out his back on Tuesday, so our drum major, guard director, and percussion assistant ran Tuesday’s rehearsal, and then on Wednesday our band director’s wife had a baby, which is great news, and a serious congratulations to the both of them except that it does mean Mr. Bush is more tired than usual. Still, I’m happy for him.
Besides, even if Mr. Bush had been there, we were preparing some different songs for our show with the junior high students, so we wouldn’t have been able to get as much practice done anyway.
We had a good Saturday rehearsal. We always rehearse before our competition. We got a lot of work done that day though, and had a solid performance. We didn’t place, but we got a pretty good score, and considering the week that we had, we can’t really blame ourselves too much. Of course, I’m kinda mad at myself for not hitting the circle properly in Movement I, because had had worked really hard on that during practice.
Still, life moves on.
Anyway, for some reason yesterday was just a day of inspiration for me. I came up with a picture idea, which I started on after I got home from the competition (at past 10:00 at night I might add) and then finished this morning, as well as an idea for some cat ears, which I made today while listening to General Conference, and some wire jewelry.
I’ll post the artwork I did when I get it scanned in. There’s another picture I did all the way back in August that also needs scanning.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the cat ear.
I’m really proud of this design. I might add a tutorial when I did the other ones. I’m planning on making myself a second pair in black, and a black pair for Emily and a white one for Rachelle. They take a while to make though, and I still owe Tari a beanie, so I don’t know when I’ll get around to making more pairs.

And this is my wire wrapping work. I really enjoy doing this.

And here’s my attempt at making wire music notes. They aren’t super great, but their first attempts made out of my own imagination and tutorials I found on Pintrest.img_20161002_1808314_rewind