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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Honestly, I am so thankful for this break from school. It’s nice. I don’t hate school as much as most people, but boy could I am glad for the break. My honor’s classes keep on slowly turning up the heat, and luckily, since I’m done with marching band and play I can keep up, but robotics club is starting to get more stressful as our competition grows nearer.

As it happens, most of our club is often in arguments with other members, since the majority of us are…lacking in communication and people skills. I’m pretty sure we can pull of making a robot. I just hope that we can pull it off without anyone having to lose a hand.
I don’t have the same “people problems” as some of the other members. Mostly because I’m too busy talking to and being happy that I’m around Harg (my long-time crush, and now boyfriend) to really care. And also I don’t do building. I’m the head of organization and club photographer, but in actual work on the robot, I’m mostly limited in getting tools and supplies for other members. Oh, and I fill out this journal that we have to keep of what we do every time we have practice, but that also doesn’t have me actually working on the robot.
Anyway, let’s just hope we can actually pull this off.

So, anyway, I’m really glad for the break. It gives me some time to relax. I do try to keep myself doing some things even when I’m on break, because otherwise I get really miserable (I’m a workaholic, what can I say?) but I’m still not doing a whole lot. Just studying Spanish and History and a few handwork projects. Also, I’m trying to finish up the book I started a while back. I usually finish books quickly, but this one is nonfiction, and nonfiction books take me a while.
I also washed all the blankets in my room (my room’s the room my family tends to watch movies in, so there tends to be a lot of blankets hanging out of the couch in it).
Cupcake and Sprinkles though are enjoying the newly washed blankets. They’re soft so they can just roll around on them and talk. Sprinkles isn’t a talker, but she’s opening up a bit to Cupcake. Which makes him really glad.img_20161124_1639359_rewind


Last week I wore about endings. Now I want to talk about what happens after things begin; a new thing starts.
Yeah, play and marching band are over. It’s not like I’m ending my extracurriculars. Robotics is still going on full swing, and now something new is happening. It’s a new program called Pen Ohio, and my school is hosting it this year. I’m not sure if I’ll be on the team yet, but I am signed up for it.

Also, something bigger is starting with me. A new relationship, or at least a stronger one. My crush of two years asked me to be his girlfriend! My brain hasn’t fully registered it, and it’s been nearly a week! We can’t go on dates until I turn 16, but it’s enough for now just to know that he cares and likes me back.

I’m not sure how this will all go, but hey, I’m just beggining. I don’t need to know everything yet. I’ll just take it one step at a time for now.


Yesterday was the last marching band competition. This coming week is the last week of play. These two extracurriculars which have taken my time, my sweat, and my tears are coming to a close.

Thank goodness.

Okay, a few people are going, “What? But don’t you love them?” Just because I love them doesn’t mean I don’t want things to end. I find something very satisfying about a job well-done, and I can usually only judge how well done I’ve done at the very end. For me, endings aren’t bad. Everything must end eventually. School, memories, outings…while some endings do cause me sadness, one thing ending means that another thing can begin. Everything, with the exceptions of God, family, friendship, will one day end.

And hey, if I finish strong, then I can look back on it and say, “Good job. Now your ready to work on something even bigger and better.”

And if I don’t finish strong, then I can do better at my next project.

So, no, I do not fear endings.