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Tomorrow Isn’t Promised

The honest truth is humans are mortal. We don’t know if we’ll be there tomorrow. We don’t know if our friends will be there, or what will happen. Accidents happen. It could all be gone in a flash. I know it sounds depressing, but it’s true. But the fact that it’s not promised, doesn’t mean we should give up on it. After all, chances forging aren’t that high.

But it does mean that while planning for the future is good, things should be done now. Not stupid, reckless things that will mean that even if tomorrow does come, it may not be a good thing, but good things. Serve others, tell your friends you love them, smile. Because if you don’t do it now, when will you? They might not even be there to help when tomorrow comes.

A Link Between Worlds Review

I recently completed a Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS called A Link Between Worlds. It is a sequel to one of the franchise’s older games A Link to the Past. I have never played A Link to the Past, but I did enjoy A Link Between Worlds.

One of the most noticeable things I found about A Link Between Worlds is the dungeons tend to be shorter. This may because Link’s items such as the boomerang, bookshop, etc are rented from a shop instead of found in a dungeon. This was unusual for a Zelda game, but it fit in very well, though it did get frustrating trying to raise funds to rent/buy the items. Although, most subsequent were money oriented due to this need. That said, most sidequest earned money, so it wasn’t too hard to come buy, if slightly annoying at times.

Also notable about this game was that it shared a world map with A Link to the Past, giving many players who played the original a sense of sentimentality, but it is also a game for players who are new to the franchise. The reason I say that is that as well as being shorter, the dungeons are not as hard as as a few other games. They are not easy by any means, but if they were easy, they would not being giving a real taste of the franchise.

Also, A Link Between Worlds has an interesting mimic no other game has, or at least no other that I know about. In A Link Between Worlds Link gets the ability to merge into walls. This allows for some very interesting puzzles, though at the beginning before one gets used to it, it is easy to forget, and therefore becomes a frustration, but as soon as one gets used to it, it is a delightful mimic, and very fun to play around on.

All and all, the game was quite enjoyable, and fun, and I really would recommend it.

The Counsel

It has been nearly a month since Sprinkles and Cupcake met up with Magenta, Gigi, and the penguin, but they’ve been getting alone decently. Magenta has been complaining about missing her boyfriend Red, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. They all sleep in my room, and during the day they play around and talk about my strange habit of naming my stuffed animals after food.

But today,the penguin decided to hold a counsel on who was going to be his stead. Magenta pointed out she could only move fast in water. Gigli pointed out that he didn’t want to, but since Magenta also had that reason, he got appointed stead. He decided to instantly resign from his job.

Shocking I know.

The penguin stated that it would take two weeks to process the papers of his resignation, and until then he was his stead. Weirdly enough though I didn’t see any papers on him getting the job.

Anyway, I expect a lot of complaining throughout these next two weeks, but no so much I can’t stand.IMG_20170115_1326230_rewind


Small Acts

Honestly, it was a rough week for me. I had a lot of homework, stress, and difficulties controlling my emotions, and…let’s just say it was rough.

On Wednesday during robotics club, I full out broke down. I was having trouble breathing (this happens to me sometimes when I get stressed) and ended up collapsing by one of my friend’s feet. Quickly, two of my other friends went to me and started trying to comfort me. At this point, most of my memory becomes a blur, but I remember looking up, and seeing Harg standing there, watching me. He gave me a smile, and despite how rotten I felt, I couldn’t help smiling back, because with that one smile he told me he cares, and he wanted me to be alright. I managed to get to my feet (I was a bit dizzy) and go over and sit next to him. Eventually, my other friends went back to working on the robot, though one of them gave me a cardboard rose to cheer me up.

Well, made a cardboard rose. She forced Harg to give it to me. It was amusing to watch her convince him.

Anyway, all these actions were little things. The smile was little. The rose was little. But the feelings behind them weren’t, and they helped me get through some of the stress of the week.

This Week’s Accomplishments

First of all, I finished this tatting project I started last summer. Or at least finished the tatting part. It doesn’t look like much at the moment, but I’m going to put it on some elastic and turn it into a headband.img_20170108_1554025_rewind

Then, the next day, I made these…img_20170103_1646447_rewind

They’re little lemon tarts made in the shape of flowers! They taste amazing too. I found the idea on Pinterest. They’re made by taking a pie crust recipe, making it, rolling the pie out and then cutting out the pie crust with a flower shaped cookie cutter. They were then backed in muffin tins for five minutes to create little bowls.

The recipe then called for lemon curd for the filling. I didn’t have lemon curd, so I used the filling I use for lemon bars. I didn’t have enough eggs though, so I just made it with less eggs than needed. I filled the bowls up with the filling and backed for about twenty more minutes.

They were delicious, though if you do ever do this, remember you want to grease and flour the tins well so the tarts come out easily, and the bowls should be decently filled, but not anywhere near overflowing.


Anyway, my my other main accomplishments for the week include finishing the rough draft of an essay, and beating a whole bunch of dungeons in Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.


Oh, and I drew this beauty2174468b-9f39-4708-a34c-5478e60fa5d5

End of the Year Accomplishments

And 2016 is over.

I’m not really upset to see it go. I have managed to accomplish some things at the end of the year. Less than I probable should, because honestly I feel like I should have tried to work a bit harder on my projects over Christmas Break, but I didn’t.

Still, the few that I did were pretty decent accomplishments.

Starting with the sweet treats I’ve made. As I posted in my last post, I got icing tips for Christmas. I’ve been really enjoying using them. They’re really cool. Of course, I’ve had some trouble making actual frosting (for some reason my icings and frostings tend to come out liquid-y, I used less liquid and more sugar and that seems to have fixed it) but I did have fun with it after I made the desserts. And a mess. But I cleaned up after myself so it’s okay. Mostly.

img_20161229_1002516_rewindimg_20161231_1608317_rewindAs well as my baking efforts, I finally finished this beanie I promised to make for one of my friends a while back. I made a few mistakes on it, but I think it came out decently, and it’s less fragile than the scarfs I made for some of my friends for Christmas.img_20161230_1146314_rewindSpeaking of the scarfs, I don’t think I’ve put out a picture of them yet. I made them for three of my friends, but in the picture I’ve got there’s also my own green and white one. The scarfs are representative of our Hogsworth houses, though Harg insists he isn’t a Hufflepuff. None of the rest of us agree, but it’s not like I take them very seriously.img_20161218_2038143_rewindThe other Christmas presents I made for my friends were all hairclips. They took a while since I made a lot, but each individual one is pretty short. The butterflies were made with a lace making technique called tatting. It’s not a common art, but the lace it makes is quite sturdy.img_20161219_1533388_rewindAnyway, other than the crafting and the cooking, I did a little bit of writing and organizing over Christmas Break.

And socializing, but I’d like to not think about socializing because while some of it was really enjoyable, some of it was just stressful. I tend to find socializing stressful. Don’t ask me why. I talk so much it really doesn’t make sense, but I have trouble with it anyway.

Anyway, I’m back to school Tuesday, but at least I’ve still got tomorrow left of vacation. This Christmas Break has been a lot shorter than I’m used to, but even a small vacation was much needed. School exhausted me.