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I spent quite a bit of this week sick. Luckily I recovered enough by the end of the week to help a fund raiser that my youth group from church is doing to raise money for a camp we’re going to.

We did a dinner, so I helped set tables for it.IMG_20170224_1749443_rewind

I also baked a dessert for the dessert auction we did after the dinner. The dessert was a nut tort cake with butterflies filling and vanilla frosting. It took all Thursday afternoon for me and my dad to bake it. It didn’t sell super great, but it was fun to make and decorate.IMG_20170224_1738401_rewind

I used the left over frosting from the cake to make some cupcakes for one of my friends, who had her birthday party yesterday. The cupcakes were inspired by the spot sprites from Spirited Away.

IMG_20170225_1228292_rewind The party was nice. We watched movies and anime with some friends and talked. I ended up writing in one of my stories while I was there. I haven’t been working on my stories as much as I should because I’ve been busy with school, which is first priority, so it was nice to get the chance to work on them.IMG_20170225_1634272_rewind

Well, it’s been a rough week. Between school, sickness, and personal projects I’ve been…busy to say the least. On a more cheerful note, my Mom had a birthday this week. That was actually really fun. I made her birthday present last Sunday, before the week got busy.

It was this hairclip:IMG_20170219_1241596_rewind

The hairpin is made of tatted flowers and leaves sewn into a ribbon, which was sewn around a haircut in organized chaos. I think it turned out quite nicely, and my mom was pleased. The picture doesn’t do it justice though.

Along with the hairclip, I also decorated a cake. The cake was baked by my sister, but I did the icing decorations.IMG_20170216_1759060_rewind


The design is actually pretty simple; stems piped on with a basic round icing tip, leaves made with a leave icing tip, and flowers made with a other icing tip which I forget the name of. I would have made the flowers purple since that’s Mom’s favorite color, but I ran out of red food coloring. Anyway, despite how simple it all was, it took me the better part of an hour since I didn’t really know what I’m doing. And that was a better part of an hour when the icing had already been made, since I used left overs from the cupcakes I had made for my friends for Valentine’s Day.

Those cupcakes turned out pretty nice. My Dad helped me with them, since he learned cake decorating from his mother. It was rather fun, and my friends LOVED them.IMG_20170212_1953422_rewindIMG_20170212_1954476_rewind IMG_20170212_1953193_rewind

Love Poems

In commemoration of Valentine’s Day, which is coming up:


Because of You

Joy and love have filled my heart

I know I’m weak, but I have a start

I can dance as long as you’re by my side

When you smile I swear I can fly,

My life is dark

But I’ve made my mark

And now I can reach for the light

You have given me sight

And now, because of you, I can fly



I live in a darkened night

My own heart blackened my sight

No way out of this nightmare

No way could this be fair

My own mind full of dark life

Always coming into strife

I saw them, living so well

With jealously my heart did swell

Yet you extended your hand

Led me from drowning in the sand

My own life you gave to me

Strong once again, I was free

My envy not all gone,

Even after you came along

But I had a start to becoming fine

and now I can go back to the starting line

And try once again

Even if I don’t know how this story ends

Recovering and Writing

So, I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a while….actually report on what I did this week instead of writing sappy sentiments.

Actually, this week’s been pretty rough. I’ve had a cold, and I had to go to the hospital for a check-up. I happen to be a cancer survivor, so I still have to go in and make sure I’m not suffering any side effect from the chemo. Luckily, I seem to be very healthy. It’s also been five years since I was officially cured, so I’m being transferred to long term.

On Friday, I went disc golfing with my brother. We would have gone with my boyfriend as well, but he wasn’t feeling well. It was pretty fun anyway. There’s a small course over by our high school that we went through. It’s a very short one, but it’s decent for getting me back in practice, which is kind of my goal.

Then on Saturday was the Pen Ohio competition. Pen Ohio is a writing competition, and I had a lot of fun. My school placed second overall, and I didn’t do terribly myself, which is weird since I thought most of what I wrote was junk. The basic idea of the competition is that a writer would have 40 minutes to respond to a prompt in the form of writing a short story. The main goal is to write a decent story that represents the prompt in an unusual way, but still follows the prompt. “Unusual” is my strong point. Writing decently….well, when one only has 40 minutes there’s only so much that can be done….

I had fun though. I got to spend some time with my friends, and I got to write, both of which are things I love.