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Why I Look For Small Pieces of Happiness

Someone asked me whether I’d rather live in this chaotic world, or die where it’s peaceful.

Look, I’m not going to deny that this world sometimes sucks. Evil is celebrated, cursing is not only expected but respected, being a jerk is okay if it’s for laughs, and the response to kindness and politeness is to make fun of them.

I’m not completely oblivious here.

The thing is that because of this, anything good is considered unimportant or unrealistic. And then they wonder why their so miserable. You’re not going to see good unless you look for it.

The way light filters through leaves.

The way a new mother looks at her child despite all the pain she’s been through.

A small compliment from one acquaintance to another.

I know it’s a hard world to live in. I myself have dreamed of the chance of peace I might find after this life. But until then, I’m going to continue to look for the good. It’s little, but it’s struggling to survive.

Humanity has so many good things about it. The thing is that humanity has started to reject its own goodness, and instead only believe in evil.


But the world still beautiful.

Why Satire?

My boyfriend, brother, and most of my friends and acquaintances really love satire. I, while I do find it sometimes amusing, am rather less fond of it. But I do find it fascinating that people write it. I’m not a psychologist, ┬ábut I have gathered a few reasons why I think people write satire.

First of all, it’s fun. It is fun to ramble, and it often requires less research than a lot of more scientific analysis, because it’s not supposed to be grounded in reality. It’s make belief, but its make belief that shocks people. And shocking people is great fun for many writers. In fact, some write for the sole purpose of shocking people. Therefore it doesn’t matter if there are logical fallacies everywhere. They are supposed to be there, for the purpose of showing all the logical fallacies of people’s thought process.

And while it is fun to write, it also makes people do what the writer wants. It gets the emotions involved, and emotions are a powerful force for action. Often more powerful than logical, after all, usually the most logical thing to do is self-preservation. Which is all fine and dandy, except that it doesn’t exactly spur the most utopian society when everyone is out for themselves.

The final reason I’ve seen for satire is that it is so ridiculous that it is hard to come up with a good comeback. Most post online have some sort of angry response to certain political views, but when something is so exaggerated as satire, there just simply isn’t a good response. Except maybe more satire.



Anyway, as stated earlier I’m not a psychologist, and I haven’t done any research into the subject. It’s simply just my observations that I’ve seen while both reading satire, and listening to others talk about it.