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A Ramble About Christmas Decorations

I enjoy decorating for the holidays. I’m not into stuff like giant inflatables, or really, giant anything in the way of yard decorations, but I do like decorating. I always decorate my room with some decorations I’ve picked up and made over the years, and my family has a Christmas tree along with a few other small decorations.

There have been times where I’ve felt like all the Christmas lights do sometimes feel like a waste on people’s electrical bills (especially those two houses on the corner who have more Christmas lights than pretty much the entire rest of the block combined) and as I said I don’t like how just oversized and ridiculous a few of the yard decorations I’ve seen.

There is such a thing as overdoing it.

But I do like Christmas decorations. I was mentioning some of my feeling about this to my eldest brother, and he told me he actually like Christmas decorations a lot to. Why? Because they made people feel jolly and happy. The world is capable of producing a lot of electricity, but it has struggled sometimes in producing a lot of happiness. And Christmas is in many ways a holiday about peace and happiness. That’s why it’s accompanied with giving and charities and trying to make sure people have warm clothing for the upcoming winter (my school does a yearly project of trying to get coats, hats, and gloves for needy kids). And that’s one of the reasons it’s awesome.

Religious or not, I think the vast majority of people can agree that spreading joy is one of the best things to do. I know a lot of people find Christmas chaotic, but I suppose that’s because, first of all, it’s over commercialized, and second of all, bringing joy is very tiring work even without it being over commercialized.