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I have been sick throughout this past week, and honestly, it’s just been kind of miserable. I had to miss school, and when you’re in as many honors classes as me, that means as lot of make-up work.

And as I’ve been sick, I’ve had a lot of time to think, because it’s not like I can much else.

Thinking though hasn’t given me any great insights, except a remind of how miserable I am, and how I need to write more stories to help counteract feeling miserable. Writing helps. That’s how I’ve dealt with stress, and heartache, and insecurity. I wrote and I drew and I created my way out of it.

Or I’ve started having panic attacks.

Creating is the better option.


I haven’t posted in a month. A part of me wonders why I care, so next to no one reads my blog anyway.

But I write this blog for myself and not anyone else anyway.

I guess part of the reason for this blog is to make me feel self important. I convince myself that I have ideas and accomplishments worth letting the world see. It doesn’t matter if they actually do see or not; the fact that there is a chance is enough.

It also helps me review what I have accomplished throughout the week and give myself a part on the back and let’s me dump off random motivational rambles, because the only place they’re acceptable I’d fictional worlds and social media.

Honestly, I sometimes feel like social media is a weird sort of fictional world.

Anyway, I don’t really have a practical use for a blog. I keep one because I enjoy the action of keeping one.