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Something to Celebrate

Do this week has been both Valentine’s Day and my Mom’s birthday.

Personally, I kind of like Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s stupid that they commercialized love, and I find a lot of the romantic gestures overdone, but in the end, any excuse for chocolate is a good one, and I do enjoy having an excuse to do some nice things for my friends and boyfriend.

Of course, I don’t need an excuse, but occasionally it’s nice to have one anyway.

This year I made homemade chocolates for my friends and boyfriend (I’m not very good at making chocolate though, so they melted super easily, but my friends still liked them)  and chocolate cupcakes for my family.IMG_20180212_1636072_rewind

Then, on Friday, I made my Mom’s birthday cake. She likes lemon cake, so I made one, but the lemon flavour didn’t come through really. It was still good cake though, and it was fun to make.IMG_20180216_1948152_rewind


Anyway, so I was thinking about these experiences today, and I realized that I have something to celebrate myself. I have so many people who love me. They don’t care if me gestures are perfect, if I mess up on the food, or anything like that…they care that I thought of them, that I’m doing my best for them, and that I put effort in for them.

I am so lucky to have them. There’s a lot of hard things going on lately in our lives, and there’s a lot of stress building, and tension rising, but we’re still together, we’re still friends, and we’ve still go each other’s backs.

I am very thankful for that.

Between Projects

For some people, the hardest part of doing a project is starting. I really don’t think this is my problem, usually, but right now, I’m having a lot of trouble with it.

I think part of it is that school and doing crew for the musical I’d taking a lot of time right now. Especially since I’ve been sick a lot lately, and I’ve been having to do make-up homework and catching up on studying. I have managed to get my grades to a much better place, and would like to start on one of my personal projects.

I’ve already done the laborious task of picking which project I want to work on (this is always really tricky for me, since I have about 5000 ideas for different projects and I want to do them all) but I haven’t started on either of the two I picked.

In this case, I’ve picked a sewing project where I’m making a dress for a teddy bear, and a writing project. I haven’t done much of the way of starting on either, and I just don’t have the motivation. I guess it’s because I’m so tired and stressed. It’s hard to get the motivation under those circumstances. Usually, I’d wait until I got the motivation, but the problem with that is I won’t get the motivation until I’m not stressed, and I won’t stop being stressed until I do something. I’ve got to do it, because I love it. I just can’t see the love right now.

So, that’s my advice for the day; sometimes you gotta do what you love just because you love it.