Saint Patrick’s Day and More

So among the midst of schoolwork and exhaustion, I somehow found time to do several crafting/cooking projects. Yay!

So, one of the cooking projects I did either earlier this week or late last week was a repeat of these flower-shaped lemon tarts. I managed to improve on the filling recipe by adding flour and lessing every other ingredient in the filling. This created the right texture.IMG_20170312_1440216_rewind

Also, I’m drew/colored these pictures last week while I was sick, but I only got around scanning them today. The first picture is entitled “Lost in the Deep Blue Sea.” It was inspired by my looking at fanart where people were turning characters into mermaids, so I did it for two of my own characters. I was surprised by how well the sea came out.In-The-Deep-Blue-Sea

The second picture is called, “Found You” and it was also inspired by fandom. This is based off of “childhood friend” AUs. Anyway, the picture is based off of this idea of what if my characters Diamond and Stray met when they were children playing in the woods instead of young adults scared for their lives. I don’t really like how the picture came out, but the concept was cute.Found-You

Anyway, after doing those I had a hard time finding time for crafting until Saint Patrick’s Day, when I finally decided that busy or not I was going to spend some time enjoying myself before I go insane.

So, I attempted to make Saint Patrick’s Day cupcakes, which had the icing melt and run all over the place, so they don’t look great. The cakes themselves started out really fluffy, but after being in the fridge turned really dense and weren’t great, though my family says they liked them.IMG_20170317_2132184_rewind

After the cupcakes I made these two crafts. One is a tin can covered in paper shamrocks. I use it to hold my combs and brushes. The other…you know I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it’s some sort of Saint Patrick’s Day decorations.IMG_20170317_2131094_rewindIMG_20170317_2131334_rewind

So, I made those Friday. Today I finally finished this project I’ve been planning to do for years. I knitted myself this vest/cardigan/thing-y. It’s not the best done project, but doing it relaxed me, and the finished project is very soft and fun to wear. I think it took me around 5-6 hours total to make, but I’m not sure.IMG_20170319_1405362_rewindIMG_20170319_1406279_rewind

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