The Power of Light and Flowers

Sprinkles was trying to read a book. She does that sometimes. Unfortuently for her, Cupcake kept falling asleep on the book.IMG_20170326_1733217_rewind

Eventually she gave up. It was about then that she saw the penguin standing in the light of a lamp.IMG_20170326_1734293_rewind

He claimed the glow made him powerful and noble. Everyone else was less than impressed. Except Cupcake. Cupcake is easily impressed, and even tried it himself to see if it would help him get a date with Sprinkles.IMG_20170326_1735186_rewind

Turns out giving Sprinkles a flower worked much better.IMG_20170326_1736044_rewindIMG_20170326_1736299_rewind

Well, he got his date (though only on the condition that afterwards he let Sprinkles read in peace).

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