Between Projects

For some people, the hardest part of doing a project is starting. I really don’t think this is my problem, usually, but right now, I’m having a lot of trouble with it.

I think part of it is that school and doing crew for the musical I’d taking a lot of time right now. Especially since I’ve been sick a lot lately, and I’ve been having to do make-up homework and catching up on studying. I have managed to get my grades to a much better place, and would like to start on one of my personal projects.

I’ve already done the laborious task of picking which project I want to work on (this is always really tricky for me, since I have about 5000 ideas for different projects and I want to do them all) but I haven’t started on either of the two I picked.

In this case, I’ve picked a sewing project where I’m making a dress for a teddy bear, and a writing project. I haven’t done much of the way of starting on either, and I just don’t have the motivation. I guess it’s because I’m so tired and stressed. It’s hard to get the motivation under those circumstances. Usually, I’d wait until I got the motivation, but the problem with that is I won’t get the motivation until I’m not stressed, and I won’t stop being stressed until I do something. I’ve got to do it, because I love it. I just can’t see the love right now.

So, that’s my advice for the day; sometimes you gotta do what you love just because you love it.

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