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Hi! So, abit about me… I’m the youngest of six kids in my family. A few of my favorites are: Color: Pink, but I also really like purple and black, especially together. Music: Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling. Food: Homemade pizza. Animal: Cats and butterflies. Bit of nature: Rivers and waterfalls. I live in Ohio.

One of the major things my life focus on is creative endeavor. In other words, I create things. My family is what has inspired me to do so. I like handwork and crafting, by my true talent lies in more of artwork and writing. I write free verse poems, but they aren’t very good. I also write stories. And my drawings. You can see those on the artwork page, as well as in many of my post. I give updates on my stories everyoncrin a while. I don’t have anything published though.

The stories I write tend to fantasy romance, or just romance. I really like cute couples. My artwork also tends to have a fantasy feel to it. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I think it started really kicking in during forth or fifth grade. I remember waking up one morning, and deciding rather out of the blue that I was going to draw. I’ve been writing before that morning came. I started writing short stories in the third grade.

I mentioned earlier I was the youngest of six. In that I learn a lot from my older siblings. My siblings in order are Ben, Azure, Jasmine, Lori, and Jacob. Everyone except my dad draws. My style is most similar to my sisters. Mom, Jasmine, Lori, and Ben all write too. Mom, Lori, Jacob, and Jasmine all play an instrument. Azure journals. Sometimes it feels like everything I do someone else in my family does as well. Well, it’s not just a feeling, it’s true. They teach me, I do.

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