Quick Snacks

The musical was this weekend. With all the chaos that has surrounded it, it’s been hard to find time for anything, so all of the snacks I’ve been making have had to be quick.

So, I present to you, my list of quick snacks to make.

1. Microwave Nachos

Ingredients: tortilla chips, salsa, ranch, cheddar cheese

Optional Additional Ingredients: olives, sour cream, tomatoes

To make it, simply put the nacho chips on a plate, then cover them in all the other ingredients. Unless you are using sour cream. If you are using sour cream, don’t put it on yet. Put the rest of the ingredients in the microwave and cook it for about half a minute. Then, if desired, put on sour cream.

Don’t feel limited to these ingredients. This is a very adaptable recipe, so have fun playing with it.

2. Tortilla Pizzas

Ingredients: Tortilla, shredded cheese, pizza topping, tomato sauce

To make it, spread tomato sauce on tortilla, then put on toppings, then the shredded cheese. Cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 9-12 minutes.

3. Easy Parfait

Ingredients: Yoghurt, granola, fruit

Today was the second time I’ve ever made parfaits. When I was younger I thought they were super hard, but they’re actually really easy, and I know how to make them in single servings now. The trick is if you’re making parfaits for many people, get a large yoghurt container because it’s economical. If making for only one use a small container because it’s convenient.

I know that sounds stupidly obvious, but it took me a while to figure out.

Anyway, the other thing that makes parfaits seem difficult is the fruit. The truth is, that canned fruit actually taste pretty good in it, as long as it’s cut up to bite sized portions. Also, if you do insist on using fresh fruit, I’d suggest a banana. It doesn’t take long to cut up, and it’s a bit softer than most fruits, which I think goes better with the texture of the dish.IMG_20170430_1003136_rewind

Was It Only A Week Ago?

Honestly. This week has been such a rush. The musical is this Friday and Saturday, so I’ve been busy with that, as well as schoolwork and church responsibilities. I kind of just crashed today.

Still it’s weird looking back at what I did last week and remembering just how recently it happened. I mean…


Just last week I made a Phantoms of the Opera costume for my stuffed seal (the seal is a good luck charm for band, and we’re doing a Phantom of the Opera medley so it felt appropriate)IMG_20170416_2032292_rewind

And I made a “resurrection garden” and a carrot drawstring bag to celebrate Easter.IMG_20170416_2031552_rewindIMG_20170416_1256214_rewind


This week felt like it took forever.

But it did end.

Because time doesn’t stand still.



You know, I really wanted to write something motivational for Easter. Most of Easter weekend has been great for me, and I am extremely grateful for what Jesus Christ has done for me. It’s an amazing thought to know just how much he would go through for the world.

But I’m finding it hard to find the right motivational words. I’m being faced with two very tough decisions for me, and I feel like I’m at the breaking point. So it’s hard to be happy and inspired when I’m in this much pain.

But isn’t that part of what Easter is about? How pain and suffering can lead to triumph? Did not Christ’s pain lead to the salvation of the world? Could not this pain lead to the triumph of me?

I don’t know entirely. I can’t see the future, and I don’t know where I’m going. But I do know that Christ did atone for me, and the entire world.

So, with that I do have two very important things to say.

1. I am in all likelihood not doing marching band anymore. I just don’t love it enough for it to be worth the pain.

2. I really do love all of my friends. You guys are some of the few people who have been able to care for me. But… you guys don’t have the same morals as me. Which is fine, except that it’s getting harder and harder for me to feel comfortable around you guys. So, for the sake of my own sanity, I might be a little distant.

Another Week…

So, the Spring Musical, of which I am both a cast member and set painter of, is the last week of this month. The band concert is the Tuesday after that. State testing is in between now and then, along with both of my honor classes picking up heat.

I am, what you might call, stressed.

Still, I’ve just got to look at the positive side of the situation, right? I’m not dead yet. I’ve managed to get several projects done, and I am enjoying the musical, even though I do find it stressful. I do actually enjoy History and English, which is something school has a way of making me forget. And I’m relatively good at one of the songs for the band concert already, except one section, but that can be fixed.

Well, talking like that does make me feel a better. It doesn’t stop it from being stressful, but it does stop the stress from going to the head too much. I honestly suggest it for stressed people. Talk through the problems, write them down, break them into chunks and schedule/plan them out. Stereotypical advice bit it does work.

Also, find time to do something that you’ve passionate about. For me, that was taking the time to cook some chocolate chip scones and buttermilk pie yesterday. I get grumpy when either I don’t write or don’t cook. Stress baking is wonderful. Partly because the stress makes me hungry, though I guess I ought to be eating healthier.IMG_20170408_1950065_rewindIMG_20170408_1949562_rewindIMG_20170408_1950471_rewind

Also on a completely unrelated note, it has been raining so much that places that are usually land have flooded, and so I saw geese swimming around behind my church where usually there’s land.IMG_20170409_1207426_rewind

Unrelated, but amused me.IMG_20170405_1819564_rewind

Spring Break

Spring Break! So, the most basic summary of Spring Break for me:

Friday after school: Collapse

Saturday: Tried to work, but instead got distracted by stories online

Sunday: Actually manages to work

Monday: Works

Tuesday: Lori came home from her mission! Also, I burned a cake.

Wednesday: Spends time with Lori

Thursday and Friday: Cleans and organized house with Lori

Saturday and Sunday: Last minute panic finishing projects


What projects and work? Well, first of all music and dance practice. Then I hand sewed a skirt (I messed up on it though). I also made two videos myself, helped Lori and Jacob make another. IMG_20170402_1444324_rewind

I finished writing Cat and Wolf. And drew a picture of the characters from it as they would be within the Harry Potter world.Cat-and-Wolf-Hogsworth-AU And another picture.Demons-Within-the-Mind

And I finally got around to finishing a bracelet I started nearly a year ago.IMG_20170402_2029031_rewind

The Power of Light and Flowers

Sprinkles was trying to read a book. She does that sometimes. Unfortuently for her, Cupcake kept falling asleep on the book.IMG_20170326_1733217_rewind

Eventually she gave up. It was about then that she saw the penguin standing in the light of a lamp.IMG_20170326_1734293_rewind

He claimed the glow made him powerful and noble. Everyone else was less than impressed. Except Cupcake. Cupcake is easily impressed, and even tried it himself to see if it would help him get a date with Sprinkles.IMG_20170326_1735186_rewind

Turns out giving Sprinkles a flower worked much better.IMG_20170326_1736044_rewindIMG_20170326_1736299_rewind

Well, he got his date (though only on the condition that afterwards he let Sprinkles read in peace).

Saint Patrick’s Day and More

So among the midst of schoolwork and exhaustion, I somehow found time to do several crafting/cooking projects. Yay!

So, one of the cooking projects I did either earlier this week or late last week was a repeat of these flower-shaped lemon tarts. I managed to improve on the filling recipe by adding flour and lessing every other ingredient in the filling. This created the right texture.IMG_20170312_1440216_rewind

Also, I’m drew/colored these pictures last week while I was sick, but I only got around scanning them today. The first picture is entitled “Lost in the Deep Blue Sea.” It was inspired by my looking at fanart where people were turning characters into mermaids, so I did it for two of my own characters. I was surprised by how well the sea came out.In-The-Deep-Blue-Sea

The second picture is called, “Found You” and it was also inspired by fandom. This is based off of “childhood friend” AUs. Anyway, the picture is based off of this idea of what if my characters Diamond and Stray met when they were children playing in the woods instead of young adults scared for their lives. I don’t really like how the picture came out, but the concept was cute.Found-You

Anyway, after doing those I had a hard time finding time for crafting until Saint Patrick’s Day, when I finally decided that busy or not I was going to spend some time enjoying myself before I go insane.

So, I attempted to make Saint Patrick’s Day cupcakes, which had the icing melt and run all over the place, so they don’t look great. The cakes themselves started out really fluffy, but after being in the fridge turned really dense and weren’t great, though my family says they liked them.IMG_20170317_2132184_rewind

After the cupcakes I made these two crafts. One is a tin can covered in paper shamrocks. I use it to hold my combs and brushes. The other…you know I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it’s some sort of Saint Patrick’s Day decorations.IMG_20170317_2131094_rewindIMG_20170317_2131334_rewind

So, I made those Friday. Today I finally finished this project I’ve been planning to do for years. I knitted myself this vest/cardigan/thing-y. It’s not the best done project, but doing it relaxed me, and the finished project is very soft and fun to wear. I think it took me around 5-6 hours total to make, but I’m not sure.IMG_20170319_1405362_rewindIMG_20170319_1406279_rewind


First of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend. He’s turning sixteen today. I turned 16 last Friday. Our birthdays are really close to each other, which is kinda fun. It’s kinda ridiculous though just how many birthdays I know within the first week of March. Not quite as fun as my friend who was born on leap day, and therefore has only has four birthdays, but still fun.

I really enjoyed my birthday though. My Dad made me a cake that his mother used to make a lot when he was growing up, and I got some nice gifts. Also, my school at large was very nice about wishing me a happy birthday (though by the end of the day I was a bit sick of hearing it).

Anyway, I’m very happy about it, and I hope all you people celebrating birthdays have a wonderful birthday.


I spent quite a bit of this week sick. Luckily I recovered enough by the end of the week to help a fund raiser that my youth group from church is doing to raise money for a camp we’re going to.

We did a dinner, so I helped set tables for it.IMG_20170224_1749443_rewind

I also baked a dessert for the dessert auction we did after the dinner. The dessert was a nut tort cake with butterflies filling and vanilla frosting. It took all Thursday afternoon for me and my dad to bake it. It didn’t sell super great, but it was fun to make and decorate.IMG_20170224_1738401_rewind

I used the left over frosting from the cake to make some cupcakes for one of my friends, who had her birthday party yesterday. The cupcakes were inspired by the spot sprites from Spirited Away.

IMG_20170225_1228292_rewind The party was nice. We watched movies and anime with some friends and talked. I ended up writing in one of my stories while I was there. I haven’t been working on my stories as much as I should because I’ve been busy with school, which is first priority, so it was nice to get the chance to work on them.IMG_20170225_1634272_rewind

Well, it’s been a rough week. Between school, sickness, and personal projects I’ve been…busy to say the least. On a more cheerful note, my Mom had a birthday this week. That was actually really fun. I made her birthday present last Sunday, before the week got busy.

It was this hairclip:IMG_20170219_1241596_rewind

The hairpin is made of tatted flowers and leaves sewn into a ribbon, which was sewn around a haircut in organized chaos. I think it turned out quite nicely, and my mom was pleased. The picture doesn’t do it justice though.

Along with the hairclip, I also decorated a cake. The cake was baked by my sister, but I did the icing decorations.IMG_20170216_1759060_rewind


The design is actually pretty simple; stems piped on with a basic round icing tip, leaves made with a leave icing tip, and flowers made with a other icing tip which I forget the name of. I would have made the flowers purple since that’s Mom’s favorite color, but I ran out of red food coloring. Anyway, despite how simple it all was, it took me the better part of an hour since I didn’t really know what I’m doing. And that was a better part of an hour when the icing had already been made, since I used left overs from the cupcakes I had made for my friends for Valentine’s Day.

Those cupcakes turned out pretty nice. My Dad helped me with them, since he learned cake decorating from his mother. It was rather fun, and my friends LOVED them.IMG_20170212_1953422_rewindIMG_20170212_1954476_rewind IMG_20170212_1953193_rewind