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Final Day

This is the final day of my month long challenge.
Probably a good thing since I’ve been scraping bottom of the barrel for a while now.
Today’s Tip: If you want to fix a relation with someone try serving them. And keep serving them.

It’s going to be an interesting day. First day of seminary, freshmen orientation, and, of course, marching band.


Tip: If your doing something long, tedious, and not very brain consuming, try listening to music in the background.

Bit Worn Out

Tip:When packing roll you shirts up instead of folding them.

I had the first football game of the season yesterday. It was pretty fun. I don’t like football, but I was sitting next to one of my friends so I got to chat and play around, and of course preform. Our marching band is off to a great start this year. We all messed up a bit (there was one moment when I was totally out of line with everyone else) but we’re putting on a great show.
I can’t wait to get movement three on the field, because at the moment our show does feel like it’s missing something.
(I think I yelled too much yesterday. My throats a bit sore) 🙁


Well, this is a bit common knowledge, but I’ll say it as today’s tip. Hard candies you suck on can help relieve some sore throats.

Removing Old Food

Food sticking? Soak it with water. It makes it much easier to scrape off. One of the things this works best on is rice.

And by the way, happy birthday to my sister!!

Today’s Tip: If you want to knit, but can’t get a hang of it, try loom knitting. It’s much easier, if a bit bulkier and more exact about what you can make.

Sewing Kit

Today’s tip is actually a craft. It’s a sewing kit I made a while back. Instead of telling you exactly how I made it, I’ll tell you more of the concept. The concept was to put it in a jar, where I can store my thread, and buttons, and to make the top a pin cushion for needles and pins. The only problem is due to the top being a pin cushion it does not travel well, maybe you could find some way to make it better where it actually could travel.